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Revalidation Update January 2015

The January 2015 Revalidation update contains more helpful information and resources for those revalidating through the Faculty. Feedback is always helpful and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Revalidation Manager Alannah Harrison.  Alternatively you can contact the RO Dr David Flower directly by emailing to - Read more...
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Revalidation update

The third Revalidation Update has now been published.  The document contains a summary of progress so far, advice on when to schedule your appraisal and information about how to complete your appraisal portfolio. Feedback is always helpful and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Revalidation Manager Alannah Harrison.  Alternatively - Read more...
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Colleague Feedback Tool for revalidation

As part of the portfolio of supporting evidence for revalidation, all doctors must provide 360˚/multi-source feedback from patients (where applicable) and colleagues. This needs to be gathered once during the five year revalidation cycle and prior to your revalidation date. The GMC has generic colleague and patient questionnaires available, but the colleague questionnaire in particular - Read more...
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CPD Returns: 1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014

Generating your CPD certificate through PReP: The current CPD year (1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014) will draw to a close on Monday. For those of you either using the PReP system for revalidation or the CPD diary element only, certificates must be self-generated using the system during the period 1 April – 30 - Read more...
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Autumn conference: Quality Improvement

Booking is now open for the Faculty’s Autumn conference on Quality Improvement. The conference is taking place on Wednesday 3 September at the IET Austin Court in Birmingham; the expert speakers will focus on quality improvement initiatives and how they can help occupational health physicians to improve the standard of their practice. We are fortunate - Read more...
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Revalidation: clinical governance questions

If you are revalidating through the Faculty, you will be aware there is a short questionnaire to be completed around clinical governance for the appraisal to be fully signed off.  These questions were created so that the Faculty, as a designated body whichhas no management oversight of those revalidating through it, can ensure effective clinical - Read more...
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Revalidation: appraisal checklist

After receiving feedback that it would be useful, the Faculty and Society have created an Appraisal andRevalidation Checklist which can be used by Appraisees to ensure that the necessary supporting information and evidence has been included in their portfolio ahead of their appraisal or, alternatively, by the Appraiser to ensure that all the elements of - Read more...
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New Revalidation update issued

As the first year of revalidation ends, the second Revalidation Update has now been released. This contains an update on our progress to date, some model Input and Output forms for PReP, an example of a completed PDP, a closer look at what a Quality Improvement Activity is and more. Further information is available on - Read more...
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How revalidation affects you – an opportunity to feedback to NHS Revalidation Support Team

The NHS Revalidation Support Team has published four surveys to collect information on the current and expected impact of revalidation, from the perspective of doctors, appraisers, responsible officers and designated bodies. Follow the link(s) below to access the survey relevant to you by 31 October: To access the survey for doctors  To access the survey - Read more...
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Revalidation update

David Flower, the Faculty’s Responsible Officer (RO), has written a Revalidation Update.  The RO will be providing updates on a quarterly basis.  This update covers progress so far and three major issues flagged up by members, together with some - Read more...
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