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Establishing a New Training Post in Occupational Medicine


All training positions in the UK recognised as being suitable to provide Certificates of Completion of Training (CCT) must first be approved by the GMC. The path to gaining approval revolves around GMC Programme Approval Form ‘B’, its accompanying guidance, and a variety of documents which are helpful in supporting an application. These include:

  • A job description
  • An Outline Training Programme—what will be accomplished in each year of training
  • A Job Plan/Work Schedule. Please note that training positions should have a minimum of 1 day (or equivalent) per week identified as a training day

The table below offers a step by step guide to the process, and should make obtaining GMC approval simple.

Step Lead
Obtain Form ‘B’ from GMC website and complete New Trainer
Send completed Form ‘B’ to local RSA/Deputy for review & signature RSA/Deputy
Signed Form ‘B’, along with Job Description, Training Programme & Job Plan sent to Faculty of Occupational Medicine training coordinator New Trainer
FOM Director of Training reviews information FOM Director of Training
If evidence satisfactory, Director of Training will issue a letter of support for new training position. FOM Director of Training
Form ‘B’ (plus letter of support & other documents) sent to local Postgraduate Dean or Head of School for signature New Trainer
Head of School or Postgraduate Dean signs Form ‘B’ and LETB sends the completed document to GMC via ‘GMC Connect’ Local Head of School or Postgraduate Dean
GMC reviews evidence and if satisfactory gives approval GMC Approvals Section.
Notice of approval to Postgraduate Dean, Head of School & New Trainer GMC
New trainer informs National School of New approved training position. New Trainer
New Trainer advertises & appoints new trainee. NB All new trainees have to be assessed in National School Selection Centre New Trainer
National Training Number (NTN or NTN(I)) issued Head of School in Local LETB
New Trainer informs National School of location of New Training Position New Trainer


Entry Into Training

New trainees into occupational medicine are assessed in a selection centre, all of which are run via the National School of Occupational Health. This is to assess whether the trainee is ‘appointable’ and suitable to enter specialist training.

GMC recognised training commences on the date the selection centre confirms the trainee is appointable. Training for a CCT starts once the trainee is considered appointable and is working in their GMC recognised training position.

A National Training Number (NTN) within NHS, or an NTN(I) in commercial training positions will be allocated by the Local Education and Training Board once the trainee is in post. The Defence Deanery allocates training numbers for the armed services. It is the intention that the National School will allocate all NTNs for occupational medicine in the future.

Following Entry Into Training

It is recommended that the local Regional Specialty Advisor or Deputy RSA visits the new training position to vet the quality and suitability of its training. A visit after about 6 months is a reasonable time frame, and can help inform the trainee’s first Annual Review of Competence Progression.