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Associate (AFOM)

Associates of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine are recognised as a key part of the occupational medicine workforce. Associateship offers a professional pathway for doctors who work in occupational medicine but are not in an approved training post.

Associate members receive the same benefits and services as Members and Fellows, including the Occupational and Environmental Medicine journal.

The qualification is gained by passing the Part 2 MFOM, which is the exit examination for specialty training in occupational medicine.  Those doctors who sit the examination while not in an approved training post must meet the eligibility criteria.  Gaining the AFOM qualification demonstrates a core knowledge in occupational medicine theory and practice.

Associates are not specialist occupational physicians and are not eligible for entry on to the General Medical Council’s specialist register for occupational medicine.

For those doctors who wish to proceed further with qualifications, the AFOM can be used as one of the building blocks for an application for entry to the GMC specialist register via the CESR (Certificate of Equivalence for Specialist Registration) route.

Until 2010, Associateship was gained by passing the AFOM examination, which was a mid-point examination during specialty training.  Similarly to the new route to Associateship, the qualification was aimed at those pursuing a full-time career in occupational medicine.