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Fellow (FFOM)

Election of Members of the Faculty to Fellowship (conferring the postnominals FFOM) is the Faculty’s way of recognising those who have made a particularly significant contribution to the practice of occupational medicine, or contributed significantly to the work of the Faculty.

The criteria and application process are determined by the Faculty Board. Members are given the opportunity to apply for Fellowship once in each calendar year.  Applications are considered in the first instance by the Fellowship and Recognition Committee which then makes recommendations to the Board. Only Trustees who are Fellows of the Faculty and the lay Trustees may take part in the election of Fellows.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend the Annual General Meeting to be formally presented to the President and receive their Fellowship certificate.

Submissions for Fellowship and Honorary Fellowships for award in 2018 are now closed. Fellows are encouraged to propose and second submissions and to support Members in making their applications in the 2019 round.  Notification for when to do this will be sent via the Faculty newsletter at the appropriate time.